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Ways to Celebrate Dad this Fathers Day

Dads work hard caring for their kids, furry and otherwise. Every family looks different, but if yours includes a dad who also loves his pups then this post is for you! Show your appreciation for all he does with a special celebration this fathers day.

Plan a Special Day for Dad and His Dog

Instead of taking your dad out to a fancy steakhouse (unless you can find one that allows dogs), treat dad to a fun outdoorsy dinner in a restaurant that allows dogs on the patio. Maybe dad would enjoy something like fishing or hiking? Take your dog with you! Dogs love swimming and exploring the outdoors. A special day for your dad doesn’t have to be extravagant to be memorable; it just has to be meaningful.

Make a Father’s Day card for Dad

Sometimes a simple card is the most meaningful gift you can give. Your pet dad might also enjoy a card from his fur baby. On Wednesday June 14th at both the OKC and Moore locations we will be making father’s day cards for all the dads! These cards will include a painted paw print from your pup, their special signature!

Be sure your doggos are at daycare Wednesday to get their free Fathers Day card!

Get a New Pet Gadget

Let’s be real— there isn’t a single dad out there who doesn’t like getting a new gadget. There are so many really cool gadgets out there for your pets these days. Maybe dad would like a hands free leash for running with his BFF, or a tennis ball blaster! Grab a gift for dad he will love and he can use while hanging out with his furry kids!

Volunteer to Help Other Pets in Your Area

If your dad is a pet lover, volunteering together this fathers day is a great way to give back to your community. Check out your local shelters to see if they allow volunteers to play with the dogs. Some shelters let volunteers wash, feed and even take the dogs on a walk. If you don’t want to volunteer at the shelter they are always accepting donations. Call your local shelter and ask them what kind of things they are needing.

These are just a few ideas for how to celebrate your pet dad this Father’s day. Do whatever will mean the most for him because, ultimately, you know your dad the best.

Happy Father’s Day from Vera’s Posh Paws!

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