Vera, owner of Vera's Posh Paws Dog Daycare, holding a small chihuahua and smiling.

Dog Daycare

Your Dog’s (Second) Favorite Place

Dogs just love it here. They always have. For them, it’s like getting to go to a full-fledged sports program every day – a perfect blend of mental and physical stimulation to help shape a well-rounded, furry family member. At Vera’s, we believe in responsible pack management, so we sort all of our pups into packs and separate play areas based on size, temperament and activity level, balancing energy levels and play styles to ensure everyone gets along.

At Vera’s, your dog is always under the watchful eye of our trained staff – or “referees”, if you like.


Dog Daycare Amenities

5 Spacious Indoor/Outdoor Play Areas

Webcam Monitoring in all Yards & Suites

CPR and Pet First Aid Certified Staff

1:15 Staff-to-dog Ratio

Green Turf in all Outdoor Areas for Easy Sanitation

Fun Fitness Activities Every Day

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Even the best athletes need a breather. At Vera’s, dogs get some solo downtime between action-packed play sessions. It’s not a sign of misbehavior, just a break from the action. Your pup’s well-being remains our top priority throughout their playtime adventures.

Run with the Big Dogs

Of course, playing hard means occasional minor bumps and bruises, but trust us when we say these are badges of dogs living their best lives! If it’s serious, rest assured we will contact you. But such incidents are rare.

Vera’s Posh Paws Daycare Hours: 7 Days a Week

7AM-7PM Weekdays

7-11AM, 4-7PM Weekends

Dog Daycare Rates
Half day per dog $22
Full Day Dog Daycare $30
2 Dogs $55
3 Dogs $70
Private Play +$10
Small Pup Lunch $6
Large Pup Lunch $8
5 Full Days, 1 dog $135
5 Full Days, 2 dogs $270
10 Full Days, 1 dog $270
10 Full Days, 2 dogs $540
1 Month, 1 dog unlimited $540
2 Months, 1 dog unlimited $6

Dog daycare packages are non-refundable

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Employee hugging a dog from behind at Vera's Posh Paws Dog Daycare

Getting Started

Peak traffic dates book up fast, so book as soon as possible! Becoming a Vera's Posh Paws client is easy. After you register, we’ll send you an email to set up a FREE, easy interview day to get to know your dog! Be sure to have your vaccination records handy.

If you were a dog, where would you rather be?

At Home Alone

  • Excessive Barking
  • Destructive Behaviors
  • Digging
  • Chewing
  • Repressing Energy
Dog looking up and begging to go to Vera's Posh Paws

At Vera’s Posh Paws

  • Socializing
  • Playing
  • Exercising
  • Relaxing
  • Expending Energy
Dog looking up and begging to go to Vera's Posh Paws

Doggy Daycare FAQ

What should I expect on dog interview day?

Interview day is always free. We ask that you leave your pup with us for at least three hours. This gives them ample time to explore our facility and get comfortable with their new friends and staff members. It also gives us the necessary time to evaluate their temperament.

They will spend the first hour of the day interacting with male and female staff. After an hour, your dog will be introduced slowly to other members of the pack. Group play isn’t for every dog and that’s okay. That’s why we do this temperament test. The safety of all dogs in our care is our top priority. With a good understanding of your dog’s size, temperament and preferences, we can appropriately place them in the right room and group for daycare and boarding!

What if my dog doesn’t pass the temperament test?

Not all dogs like group play. That’s okay! Every dog is different, and no two circumstances are the same. Our staff is trained to observe your dog and their unique needs. Private or limited play is always available for dogs who do not do well in a group play setting.

What can my dog expect during their stay?

Your dog will spend the majority of the day in one of our spacious, supervised play areas where they can make friends, enjoy the fresh air and have fun with our enrichment activities. Dogs are separated into 5 different indoor/outdoor play areas based on their size, temperament and activity levels. We also maintain a staff-to-dog ratio of 1:15, ensuring safe, compatible play times.

What About Food?

You may bring your own food from home for your pup, or we have food available for purchase.

Are unspayed or unneutered dogs allowed?

If your dog is over six months old, they must be spayed/neutered in order to interact with other dogs. If your pet is not spayed or neutered, they are still welcome, but will enjoy private play time.

What is “private play time”?

Private play means that your dog will have their own private room during the day. They will be let out into the yard to play, do their business and get some fresh air when other dogs are in their rooms for naps/lunch. Private or limited play is available for pups who have not been spayed or neutered, have behavioral or health issues or if your dog shows us they just need a break for whatever reason!

Will I receive updates during their stay?

All our yards have indoor and outdoor cameras so you can check in on your pup during their stay. You will be able to keep an eye on them in yards during play times. You can also download the “ODOGGY” app on your mobile device for $1.99/month or $4.99/year.

We want you to have a worry-free experience while away, so we may call you if we have a quick question or if there is anything we need to discuss.

Treat Yo’ Pup

A day at Vera’s is like a day at the spa or country club for you, so why not make it even better with some fun or luxurious add-ons for your best four-legged friend?

Employee spreading a peanut butter on a lick mat for a dog at Vera's Posh Paws daycare
Fun and Treats
Lick Mats $6
Snuffle Mats $6
Treat Mats $6
Small Pup Lunch $3
Large Pup Lunch $5

Duck/Chicken Feet, Trachea Tubes, Beef Sticks, Pig Ears & Snouts

A freshly groomed poodle looks up at the camera.
Grooming starting at $55
Baths starting at $35
Mani-Pedi Nail Trims starting at $25
Eye, Ear & Teeth Cleaning
Paw Balm & Facials
Water Parks and Splash Pads at Dog Daycare | Vera's Posh Paws

Water Park Coming Soon!

Perfect for the dog days of summer, Vera’s splash pads are going to be the hot way to cool down.

Self Wash Stations at Dog Daycare in OKC | Vera's Posh Paws

Self-Wash Stations Coming Soon!

You asked. We heard you. We’re currently working on installing self-wash stations so you can play “Groomer” and bring home a clean dog every time!

All Dog Breeds & Sizes Welcome!

Calling all Collies and Corgis, all Beagles, Boxers and Bulldogs! All Pugs, Poodles and Doodles! Come on down you Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Shih-tzus and Shar-peis! Welcome all Weenies, Aussies and Huskies! Head on down you old hound dog, you retrievers, schnauzers and terriers! All are welcome!

Vera's Posh Paws employee holding up a food bowl to a small dog sitting inside one of the dog boarding suites.

Doggy Vacay!

Boarding at Vera’s isn’t like a typical stay in a kennel. Dogs get cozy, private rooms with orthopedic Kuranda cots and outdoor playtime with friends all day. Learn more about the Vera’s difference.

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Spa Day

From mani-pedi treatments for the poshest poodles to full soaks for mud caked Malamutes, Vera’s grooming has you covered.

Grooming Services at Dog Daycare | Vera's Posh Paws
Vera's Posh Paws dog daycare owner Vera holding two dogs.

About Vera's

We get it. You love your fur babies like parents love their children, and we want you to understand we love them too. We have a long history of providing Oklahoma City and Moore’s best combination of doggy daycare, spa, athletics, gym, vacation and resort.