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National Puppy Day

In honor of National Puppy day, let’s go over some of the essentials for new puppy parents.

Be sure to order your puppies food in advance. Begin by making sure you have a supply of suitable food for your new puppy. We offer Diamond Naturals complete nutrition dog food made to support overall health and wellness. Be sure that whatever food you choose for your new pup is nutritional and supports digestive and immune health. A balanced diet is essential to ensure your puppy grows at a consistent rate and stays healthy and strong. Dogs are only with us for a short time so we want to make sure their diet sustains them for a long and active life.

One of the biggest battles with a new puppy in the house is training them to use the potty outside. Having training pads or old towels available can help ease your mind about any accidents. Puppies need to go outside hourly and after nap time and food times. Encourage your puppy to use the restroom in the place you would like them to. Using a specific word can be very helpful in training. You can also reward your pup with a treat or gentle praise after they have gone to the correct place.

Once your pup is 4 months old and up to date on all vaccinations, doggy daycare is a great resource to ensure your new puppy is getting adequate potty breaks and enrichment while you are at work or out of the house for whatever reason.

If your new puppy is having trouble sleeping or adjusting to their new environment, a blanket or shirt that smells like you can be helpful. We always encourage parents to bring a blanket or bed from home when dog boarding at our facility. We want your furry friend to be as comfortable as possible and having items that smell like home is always a great way to make sure they rest easy and feel relaxed.

A big concern with a new puppy is teething. You don’t want your new puppy to eat your shoes or furniture. Puppies have a way of finding any and everything you don’t want them to find. Nothing will encourage you to keep things picked up and put away quite like a new puppy will. Be sure to find a secure place to put items like glasses and TV remotes. Puppies also love loose wires which can be very dangerous. Be sure to secure any loose or exposed cords out of their reach.

Chews and enrichment items are a great way to entertain and give enrichment to a teething puppy. We have a whole pet deli section in our lobby full of great options for your pup. Be sure to check our weekly newsletter for coupons and deals. We feature our deli items often! You can also purchase enrichments like lick mats, puzzles and snuffles mats to entertain your pooch during their staycation at Vera’s Posh Paws.

The last and probably most important thing is to make sure your pup has proper identification and tags. A breakaway collar with an ID tag is a great place to start. We also encourage you to speak with your vet about having your dog microchipped.

Having a new puppy in your family is a very exciting time. They don’t stay little for long so try to enjoy every minute. Although rambunctious, puppies provide so much love and entertainment for you and your family. We think a house isn’t a home without a dog to love. If you are thinking about adding a new addition to your pack, watch our social media for future adoption events in your area and be sure to get them registered in our system and set up for their interview day with us. We can’t wait to meet your new fur-baby!

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