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Know About Some Portable Grooming Facts for Your Dog

I am one of the privileged owners of a dog who shares our life as a faithful companion. Caring that person who showers us with so much unconditional love and affection, has its own challenges. As a dog owner, we should know some basic dog training and a healthy dog diet to veterinary care and more. Every dog is different but basic dog care is the same for most of the dogs.

Some Basic Dog Grooming Areas You Should Concentrate:

For a dog owner like me, Grooming is a wholesome word, which is inclusive of everything that comes under pet care. Here we go:

The 5 Star Areas Of Pet Care:

  • Housing
  • Nutrition
  • Training
  • Grooming
  • Veterinary Care


Our dog needs a clean, comfortable and safe environment. A well-built, well-furnished and weatherproof kennel and sheltered areas to protect him against weather extremes such as the wind, rain, cold, heat, sun, etc. is a must.


Depending upon the age, size and health conditions, dogs should be given a balanced diet, which includes a good quality commercial food along with natural food like human-grade raw meat, raw meaty bones, and vegetables. Ensure that our dog always has an adequate supply of fresh, clean water.

Few Basic Training Areas That We Should Concentrate Are:

  • Potty training
  • Early socialization
  • Obedience
  • Hyperactivity
  • Less night-time activity
  • Unruly behaviors
  • Rough play and biting during play
  • For attention-seeking behaviors like Barking or whining

Creating Havoc?? Reason Being: Dog’s energy should be channeled into exercise and play. Otherwise, the frustrated dog will create havoc in our home and garden.

NOTE: Dogs should not be exercised immediately before or after eating as it can cause problems such as bloat (which can be fatal), particularly in deep-chested dogs.

Why Does Dog Need Grooming?

Proper and regular dog grooming helps to ensure that our dog is mentally and physically in top condition as a result of the attention. Furthermore, it can improve circulation, boost muscle mass and reduce the possibility of infection and make it more comfortable and less irritable and enhances the bond between us and our dog. Get ready with your standard grooming kit.

The 5 Important Mantras of Dog Grooming:

1. Brush, Brush, Brush: For healthy Teeth and Gums.

Brush the teeth daily as Dental problems will end in severe health issues. Regular brushing along with a healthy diet and plenty of chew toys can go a long way toward keeping its mouth healthy. For dogs that refuse to let you brush their teeth, there are dental sprays and tooth wipes that can help a little bit

NOTE: Persistent bad breath can indicate an underlying problem of Digestion or oral health and should be examined by a vet.

For shiny, healthy, and clean Coat and Fur.

  • To remove dirt, debris, dead hair and unpleasant odors from the coat and skin
  • To distribute the natural oils.
  • To eliminate matting and tangling.
  • For Smooth and Short, Silky and Long – Weekly.
  • For Short and Thick, and Double Coats – Frequently, (depends on its coat and shedding rates) and with a proper comb.

2. Trim, Trim, Trim: For a healthy great look

Hair: Common body areas that may require regular hair trimming for some dogs include, around the eye area, around the anus which is trapping feces, around the chin and lower jaw trapping food or to help prevent lip and chin fold infections, around paws–areas where debris (grass seeds, burrs) are trapped in hair, around the ears, and areas where there are hair mats and tangles

Nails: If they keep growing they could pierce the paws leading to pain and infection.you can use nail clippers or Leave nail trimming to the professionals. As a thumb rule, a dog’s nails should be trimmed when they just about touch the ground when he or she walks. For some dogs, it might be a weekly pedicure, while for some, it can go longer between clippings.

3. Clean, Clean, Clean: To make it free of infections.

Ears: Clean out the dog’s ears at least once a month. Use an ear cleaner made for dogs.

Note: Any signs of an ear problem such as head shaking, ear scratching, and rubbing consult with your vet. If the dog is not showing any signs of an ear problem then for most dogs it is best to leave their ears alone.

Eyes: Clean around its eyes to remove eye gunk. Excess tear or discharge collected in the corners of the eye can get crusty. A gentle wipe with a damp cotton ball will help to keep its eyes gunk-free.

Note: Keep an eye on this area. Excess discharge can be a symptom of more serious conjunctivitis. If you see signs of irritation, redness, or a funky smell, visit your vet to take a look at it. The pet should have his eyes checked on annual vet visits.

Paws: Hair between the pads on the bottoms of its feet can collect pesticides, debris such as grass seeds and burrs and the growing hair, can become matted and cause painful lumps. Removing any debris around the paws, and carefully trimming that extra hair can help.

Note: Check feet and foot pad for wounds and infections.

4. Wash, Wash, Wash: For looking and smelling great.

Wash when necessary, using a shampoo specifically prepared for the dog. Give it a wash when it has an unpleasant odor or there is an accumulation of dirt on its coat. Wash at least once in every three months, but some may require more frequent wash if he or she spends a lot of time outdoors or has skin problems. Avoid washing daily, which can remove natural oils and damage the skin.

Note: Does your pet scratch or nibbling at its body even after grooming? Bad odors?

Check, Check, Check:
Check for blood-sucking Fleas and flea dirt- the black specs and Ticks, parasites, infections, or even metabolic issues, Food allergies, Ringworm, Mange, Grooming products, and for Stress and boredom.

6. Must-Do Things While Grooming Your Dog:

  • Wash Its Face: To Eliminate Bacteria
  • Brush It’s Coats: For Healthy Fur and Skin
  • Brush Its Teeth: To Avoid Oral Issues
  • Trim Its Nails: For Healthy Foot
  • Clean Its Ears: To Prevent Infection
  • Clean Around Its Eyes: To Remove Eye Goop
  • Give It a Bath: To keep it smelling great

Boarding: When we are going away for a long time or on a short trip we should make proper arrangements to take care of our dog. A good boarding Kennel will help. There are overnight dog hotels, boarding for puppies available. Before that, see to it that the dog has been properly vaccinated as most kennels require proof of vaccination to admit the dog.

Check the kennel for the following, The accommodation, Exercise area, and Staffing are appropriate, and the Environment is clean and secure.

Veterinary care: Our dog will require annual visits to the vet for vaccinations, boosters and general health checks. The vet can also advise about flea, tick and worm prevention. Visit him if you notice anything unusual with our pet. Have A Pawsome Day!

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