A Vera's Posh Paws employee brushes and grooms a dog, helping prevent the dog getting ticks.

How to Prevent Your Dog Getting Ticks?

Every pet lover wants to see that day when their pets aren’t scratching, whining and stressed with the hidden ticks preying on their hairy bodies. The pets don’t complain but you can’t bear the sight of them going through this. The only way to keep this from happening is to get your dog groomed regularly. Ticks carry diseases and can get a firm grip on your pet’s body, suck blood and infect your dog very quickly. The most common type of ticks that affect is the American dog tick or the hard tick.

It is very common across the country and most pets get affected sooner or later with hard ticks that suck blood regularly and infest. In some cases, the ticks remain dormant and get active when least expected. They look flat when unfed and are highly difficult to detect and sometimes get camouflaged making it that much more difficult to remove them. And these ticks can survive without food for two years and suddenly become active. You can spend endless hours going through every inch of their body and hair to scan, detect and eliminate them.

There are various types of tick preventives that help you get rid of the ticks, some of them are available at pet stores and some are only available on prescription by Vets. Every dog lover would love to see their dogs free from this suffering and keep them healthy and safe from ticks.Giving your dog regular baths and disinfecting helps to a great extent and is bound to help your lovely looking beauties more healthy and they will gladly show that love back to you. But the best way to keep them healthy and happy is to avail professional pet grooming services or dog grooming services on a regular basis. What it means to avail such services is that your dog gets complete care with the best of facilities and experts who are trained to take special care of your pet and keep them healthy and happily wagging.

You can look for top dog grooming services around your area and check them out. The best way to know which one is ideal for your pet is to check their credibility and reviews on their social profiles or through contacts. You could also check out their website and understand how passionate they are about it and if they have what it takes.

If you are looking for dog grooming places or pet grooming places that offer affordable dog grooming services that have a proven track record and are friendly, warm and comfortable for your dogs, you should surely consider making a visit to Vera’s Posh Paws or avail their services to see how they can give your pet, a posh, healthy grooming time.

Having made a mark in providing the most affordable dog grooming services, Vera’s Posh Paws gets tail wagging with all breeds of dogs. Not just because they get rid of those irritating ticks and unhealthy look but also because of the pampering and love that your pet deserves.

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