Vera, owner of Vera's Posh Paws, holds two small dogs outside while celebrating Easter.

Happy Easter from Vera’s Posh Paws!

Happy Easter from all the Staff at Vera’s. We hope you have a happy and safe holiday. In preparation for this week’s activities lets talk about how you can include your pup in the festivities but ensure they are safe and happy. In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, don’t forget about your dog! Easter is full of traditions and fun, such as eating tasty food, meeting the Easter Bunny or going on an Easter Egg hunt! With just a few small adjustments, they can take part in your traditions too! While they don’t understand what the holiday is all about, they can still enjoy celebrating.

To ensure your pets safety, watch out for these common Easter items:

Small Easter toys: Some Easter Eggs may contain a small toy inside, which is exciting for children! But extra care should be taken to ensure that your dog doesn’t play or chew on these toys as they could cause obstructions in your dog’s digestive system.

Chocolate: Chocolate is EVERYWHERE around Easter. But, as you probably already know, chocolate is extremely harmful for dogs. Chocolate contains Theobromine which is toxic to dogs. Instead of chocolates in eggs this year, try a different treat for your pet. You can hide treats or even just their favorite kibble. Dogs’ sense of smell is incredible. You will have so much fun watching them sniff out their favorite treats. Plus, 15 minutes of nosework is reported to burn as many calories as a 60 minute walk!

Our Oklahoma City location is hosting a dog safe Easter Egg hunt on Friday April 7th! Bring your pups to daycare that day and take them on a hunt at pick-up! Our eggs will be filled with treats, coupons and special prizes!

Our Moore location is hosting an Easter themed carnival on Friday April 7th from 3-8 PM. There will be food trucks, vendors, dog adoptions, pup and parent photos, paw print art, pup cup bar, bobbing for carrots, walk-in nail trims and tons of games. This is the perfect opportunity to get your dog involved in Easter activities!

In addition to an Easter egg hunt you could take your dog on a walk. What better way to burn off the calories from all the candy and treats. You can take a frisbee to chase, play tug-o-war or learn a new trick!

Do you remember going to the mall as a kid to get your picture made with the Easter Bunny? This is an excellent tradition to include your pup in. The fresh spring weather is a great time to get a cute picture made of your pup.

Both locations will be doing Easter photos on Wednesday April 5th. Be sure to bring your dog to daycare that day so they can get a themed photo made.

Whatever you decide to do this Easter season, we hope that your family, furry and otherwise, have the absolute best Easter Holiday this year.

Hoppy Easter!

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