A Vera's Posh Paws employee spreads peanut butter over a lick mat to help provide enrichment for dogs.

Do Dogs Need Enrichment?

The purpose of enrichment is to reduce stress in dogs and two encourage better social skills. Enrichment is important because it allows your pup a scene of control and helps them to release energy and endorphins. When dogs exercise, their brains produce and release endorphins that make them feel happy and energetic. There are several ways you can help provide enrichment for your pup.

Of course, we think the number one way to help your dog stay happy and healthy is daycare! Social enrichment is so important for dogs of all sizes and ages. Dogs are very social creatures and they know and recognize other dogs. A well-socialized dog will not be fearful, over-stimulated or aggressive when they meet new people or dogs.

Our hours:

Weekends & Holidays
7-11am & 4-7pm

We are open 7 days a week for daycare and would love to have your pup come and romp and play in one of our 5 spacious indoor/outdoor play yards! What a great and easy way to provide enrichment for your dog!

Another way you can provide enrichment is through their nutrition. Nutritional enrichment encourages your dog to use their foraging skills.

Here at Vera’s we offer a variety of enrichment activities that can easily be added to your dog’s daycare or boarding stay!

  • Lick Mats – $6
    Lick mats are flat rigid mats that can be covered in a special treat like Wet dog food, Peanut Butter, Honey or Pumpkin Puree. Lick mats produce endorphins and the happiness hormones which calms and soothes your pup.
  • Snuffle Mats – $6
    Snuffle mats can make meals or treat time fun for your dog. They are the perfect way to provide physical and mental enrichment to meal time. Snuffle mats help to slow down fast eaters and encourage your pup to use their sense of smell. This reduces anxiety and helps to burn energy. It is estimated that 15 minutes of nosework with the snuffle mat can burn as many calories as a 60 minute walk! What a great easy way to add extra enrichment to your pup’s meal time!
  • Treat Puzzles – $6
    Similar to snuffle mats, treat puzzles can help provide enrichment and tire out an active dog. These puzzles provide a brain workout and encourage your dog to use their natural senses.
  • Daycare Pup Lunch Small – $3
  • Daycare Pup Lunch Large – $5
    Lunch is always included when your dog is Boarding at our facility. However, if you would like to add lunch to your Daycare Day, additional charges may apply. You are always welcome to bring your dog’s food from home or purchase a lunch of Diamond Naturals complete and balanced diet in Lamb, Beef or Chicken flavors.

Each dog will have individual preferences as well, so it is important to change up the enrichments from time to time and tailor them to the individual dog’s preferences. Enrichment helps increase physical and mental activity and is beneficial to your pups overall health. We want to make it as simple as possible for you. Think of Vera’s as a one stop shop for all your pet enrichment needs! Just let us know at drop off if you would like to add an extra enrichment activity for your furry friend.

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Dog Daycare

Dogs love it here. They love it so much that a few have even escaped their homes and made their way here! We don’t condone it, but it is a great doggy review!

Doggy Vacay!

Boarding at Vera’s isn’t like a typical stay in a kennel. Dogs get cozy, private rooms with orthopedic Kuranda cots and outdoor playtime with friends all day. Learn more about the Vera’s difference.

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Spa Day

From mani-pedi treatments for the poshest poodles to full soaks for mud caked Malamutes, Vera’s grooming has you covered.

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